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Nestled among pine trees like a gem, Voyage Belek Golf & Spa is the ultimate holiday destination for golf lovers and families with children who enjoy modern architecture in harmony with nature…

The complex offers maximum comfort with its main building rooms, bungalows and private villas, turning holiday happiness into unforgettable moments. Located a heartbeat away from the Mediterranean’s exceptional beauties, the complex’s themed restaurants and bars invite Voyage Belek guests on a magical journey through magnificent flavours.

Each moment spent at Voyage Belek Golf & Spa, offers both romantic couples and families with children an incomparable holiday experience crowned with exclusive services, which will turn into ever-lasting holiday memories. While offering honeymooners special moments of happiness, the hotel creates a world of endless fun for its junior guests.

This is Voyage Belek Golf & Spa’s unique world; a dream world where you’ll encounter all your fantasies..

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Voyage Belek Golf